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My birthday

October 31, 2017

Yes, I had a Birthday this week!. I usually look forward to my birthday and Kent and I find fun things to do that the birthday person gets free…such as a free Grand Slam breakfast at Denny’s restaurant…all you have to do is show them your Identification.. also Red Robin restaurant if you are a part of the rewards will get an email saying your will get a gourmet burger and fries for any time during your birthday month..Nice!

There are many other offers but since I knew we had to be moving our RV house this year I didn’t look for free offers.  So this year we had to travel on my birthday and that is usually busy enough.. we had to get to central California by Thursday for a marriage retreat that we are doing for the weekend… yes, we are the main speakers.. it is a bit scary as we have never done anything like this.  I will tell you more about that later..

So, when I looked ahead to my birthday, I was a bit depressed… you ask Why? Well, this year with my cancer diagnosis…kind of made a difference and also because of my four siblings that died of cancer, all before they were my new age! So, it sort of feels a little scary to start this year knowing that my siblings all died within two years of their cancer diagnosis..

Don’t get me wrong… I feel good right now and I have a good prognosis… but at times thoughts come into our heads even when we have lots to look forward too!

So, as I shared with Kent…he realized that I was feeling a little blue.. so on my birthday he bought me a dozen roses and a beautiful birthday card! What a sweet husband.. as he knew that I needed a little “lift”…. I am so glad for this man! It turned out to be a nice birthday after all!



Jan for the Roaming Reimers

“You have cancer!”

April 4, 2017

What? I didn’t really expect my doctor to say that! I am sure anyone who ever had that diagnosis has either!  One of my first thoughts was that she couldn’t mean me! But she kept talking and Kent and even I asked some questions, But I felt like I was two different people, one listening to her and one saying no way!

Eventually I came to accept this is me! And yes I have had moments of panic when thinking about my 4 siblings who have died of cancer before reaching their 64th birthdays. But the Drs assured me that this kind of cancer isn’t related to theirs. Also I know that God is right here beside me, even with cancer and He has not abandoned me and will not! Also I do have friends who are standing with and beside us in this journey!

My journey started in December with bleeding, then eventually pain. If you follow this blog you will know that we have been traveling a lot since then. So in between trips I found a Dr, went to her, had a pap, had an ultrasound and then finally an endrometrial biopsy…before she uttered those life changing words.

Kent and I were a bit stunned and shocked !  But we both knew something was wrong with me and even though that wasn’t the diagnosis we wanted it was an answer! Next we found a surgeon and got all the blood work done and April 6th is my surgery, a full hysterectomy and we are hopeful and praying so that the cancer is contained. If so and no lymph nodes etc are affected, I should be ok and will need no further treatment. That is the good news!!

I have found that as we shared about my cancer we have gotten all kinds of responses. And from the kind people who said,  “Oh, I am sorry, I will pray for you! ” to other less gracious responses. Someone told me, ” You will be fine!” I do hope and pray so, BUT no one knows that but our Good Heavenly Father! And to say it does not encourage me either! I know they might have the best intentions and some are scared because they don’t want it to be them, so they say thing to get you to stop talking about cancer.

I know I have learned from this that I want be a lot more gracious to sick or hurting people in the future!  Our journeys through life take us on many different paths. And we are still trusting God through this. He is holding us and we are encouraged most of the time!

We will be staying on in Phoenix area a bit longer until I am well enough to move. Then we are not sure where we will end up this summer, but somewhere cooler for sure. For now we are confident we are in the right place for us!

May God give you peace in your life circumstances as well!

Jan for the not so Roaming Reimer’s

A major change in plans

June 14, 2016

My husband Kent and I were busy doing things around our RV house on Saturday evening. I told Kent that I would go inside and start getting dinner. He was washing windows on our RV, on a 8 ft ladder . Well, I decided to clean up first and then I hear a loud “Thump” and Kent groaning. When I looked out I saw Kent flat on his back on the ground. Yikes!!  I ran out to him, asking him to remain where he was as I could see his head was bleeding and I was concerned about broken bones, head injuries etc! He was writhing in pain and didn’t really hear me. I ran and got my phone and dialed 911, and as I was telling them where we were,  Kent started to get up from the ground. So I told the operator I had to go and help Kent.

So Kent decided he was well enough for me to take him to the Emergency Room. So that is what I did! They got him a wheel chair immediately and triaged him pretty quickly, got him back to a room. He was talking and answering all of their questions so they thought he was fine. After about 3 hours and X-rays, then a CAT scan, because his side seemed to hurt more than they thought it should. They were checking organs too. So the doctors decided he only had 4 broken ribs and bruised and battered body. They decided to keep him in the hospital overnight as he was in a lot of pain and for observation.

We were praising God and the good medical team that checked Kent out! There could have been a lot worse things had happened because of this fall. Anyway, the fall and resultant broken ribs changed our plans for the next couple of weeks. We were going to move to Boise, Idaho area tomorrow. Now we aren’t moving and we are still praising God for his protection.

Here is a picture that I took a few months ago when Kent was working  on our solar panels on the roof of our RV. He walked so confidently on this roof! We will be extremely careful in doing this again.


Kent is slowly improving and we are also glad for some strong medicines to help his pain right now.

Grateful to God for His protection and good doctors! And this nice view from his hospital room of Mount Adams.

Jan for the Roaming( not right now ) Reimers

A tribute to My mom

May 23, 2016

So I was thinking about my own mom on Mothers Day, also because her birthday was the day, before this year. So two reasons to be thinking of her. I can hardly believe that it is 5 years since she went to heaven. Sometimes it feels longer but mostly it feels like it was just yesterday. We had her for 90 years and I am forever grateful for that!

Once your mom and dad both are gone, it feels a lot different…  I don’t know if I can express it,  but it makes you stop and think even more about life and death. I am SO grateful that my mom knew Jesus as her savior, as I do! That makes her passing from this earth much easier.

But I still miss her a lot! I miss: knowing I can call her, I miss that I could encourage her to come for a visit, or that I could ask her some questions about her life..I miss just knowing she was still within a short flight to see and hug her, or a phone call away!

I felt my mom did a good job given all the things she had to deal with. She had a lot to deal with as she had ten children and we had 20 years between us. Our dad was sick a lot and mom had to work full time and still try to care for the children and the house, garden, etc. It was a huge task and she didn’t complain, just did it.

This picture of her and I is not the best quality but I treasure it as there are very few of the two of us when I was young.


Sometimes I wished that my mom hugged me more  but since she didn’t ..I helped to teach her how to hug more. After I became an adult and learned to hug other as well. And she got better at it and more comfortable too.

Now that I have been a mother myself for almost 36 years, I ask God to help me to be a good mother even now with adult children. I pray to do as well as my mom did.

Thanks Mom!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Off the road safely

April 24, 2014

We had a wonderful drive yesterday with almost no wind and beautiful blue skies. YEAH! Thanks to those that prayed for us!! We know that was a gift from God for us.

We did awake to snow, just a light sprinkling on the ground and plenty on the  mountains around us. Now that is a BIG CONTRAST to the 90 degree temperatures we left in Phoenix. So we did have to change our wardrobe and add a blanket or two and some heat..but we were comfortable all the same.






We are visiting friends and are off the road for two days. God has encouraged us to encourage others. And that is what we’re are trying to do.

Have a great day!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A dear friend went to heaven this week.

February 13, 2014

I find it hard to really believe that our friend Ed is now in heaven. He had cancer and his battle is now over as he was ushered into heaven this week.


We are not able to be there to comfort and pray with them in this struggle and I have felt particularly sad about that. Why? Because Ed and Judy have been there for us so many times over the years we have known them. I wish I could have been there for them too. they have been friends and prayer warriors and supporters of our ministry for  so many years.

I have known Ed and Judy since I was a teen in my church. I used to know them from afar but in my twenties I got to know them better. When I was pregnant with our son, Joshua I grew to know Judy and Ed and they became friends. They and 3 other couples kind of “adopted” Kent and I when our kids were little. We count them all as dear friends. As dear as a “brother or sister” in the Lord can become.

These pictures are of the group.The ladies,back row: Judy, Millie and Jean, Me and Joyce in the front. All of these dear friends are special! DSCN3842

And the men: Joyce’s husband already was in heaven here. Don in front,Ed is in the green shirt and Kent beside him and Jack in the back.


We traveled with Ed and Judy and Millie and Don first to Branson, MO in 2000. We had so much fun together, that Kent and I encouraged all of them to join us on an explore the west trip. They did that in 2007. Ed wanted us to go to an unusual railroad. We got to do that and enjoyed it tremendously. We also got to go to several mountains in Colorado. We all enjoyed this summit.


Ed and Judy are on the left side here. Ed was an avid hunter and had his own plumbing business. He several times helped us out there too.

I feel sad…for myself and for Ed’s family and all of the friends that will so miss having Ed in their lives.  Ed, we miss you already but we know you are with Jesus in heaven. We will join you someday and in the meantime we have to face life without your presence. God’s grace is there for Ed’s family and for us.

Hug your friends and family as often as you can…


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

An Unexpected Blessing and Experience

October 9, 2013

In July I (Jan) got a call from the WorldVenture secretary for the North East region of the US. She was seeking a missions speaker for a Ladies retreat in New Hampshire. Would I be willing to do that?

When I looked at my calendar and realized that we would be “on the road” and our Rv house would be in Kentucky I was saying ” NO, when I felt the Holy Spirit say..”Why Not?” So in the middle of saying No, I asked Kent, if I could do this…and he said “Go for it!”

So I told her I would pray about and if everything came together I would do it. Well, all the things did come together for the trip and so I found myself flying to New Hampshire alone to speak as the missions speaker at a ladies retreat for women from all over New England. This was the first time for me to do this type of ministry alone without Kent to help me. Usually I arrange the flights and car and he does the driving and knowing where to go.  So that is what was different.  I actually went a day early too.

I arrived safely and got the car and drove to the camp. I enjoyed the drive and stopped a few times to soak in the history and beauty of the area. This was the first meeting house in Jaffrey,NH where the retreat was held. That was probably the only building in the early town used for everything. They still use this building too!



A house built in 1790. Really old too!


Some of the pretty scenery as I drove along the road. Leaves were just starting to change in the end of September.


I had arrived at the last sign. Monadnock was the one among others here. I still am having a hard time pronouncing it. Hah!


I had begun my preparation in late July and continued even while waiting for the flights. But I had a distinct impression from the Holy Spirit that I should share a different message. I was to talk for two 10 minute mission moments and then 1 hour talk about ministering to Internationals. I sort of pushed the Holy Spirit off by saying I had to keep to the subject given to me.  I enjoyed the time in the beautiful fall weather in New Hampshire. I enjoyed interacting with all the different ladies. And I enjoyed and was challenged by the main speaker.

And then it was my turn to speak…I was so conflicted about what I should talk about. In the prayer time right before I went to speak I finally surrendered to what I felt God telling me to speak about.

But I went to that podium sweating and totally relying on God for each I had not prepared this message.

One thing to say is WOW!  Awesome Power of God ! I shared the story of my own life. My life of abuse by 4 family members and how God has been healing me.  I believe that He has healed me and it is mostly as He has helped me to first forgive my abusers and releasing them to God to work in them. Turning over my hatred of them to Him.

Now many women have had a similar story but are still angry.  I met with many after this talk. Some felt God working in their lives and some needed prayer for it. I must say I was weak and forgot some important parts of my story to show God’s strength in and through me, BUT GOD WORKED MIGHTILY!  That is why God wanted to me go and share. I know some woman if not more than one, needed to hear that story. I do pray that God would touch many people through this message of Forgiveness and HEALING. 

God continues to do this work. And not only for my abusers but others He places in my life. So this is not a once and done kind of thing..this is what God will do each and every day and every moment as He needs to.

I am currently writing a book about my life and this part in particular. But this was the first time I was ever able to talk about this in a public place. May God use it in any way He chooses. I pray dear reader, if you have been hurt in some way that you are holding on to, that you will give it to God and allow HIm to help you to forgive, for yourself to heal!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

I fell out of moving golf cart

March 8, 2013

We are still in Phoenix and I was doing some gardening at the Christian college where I volunteer and I asked a co-worker for a ride in the golf cart to save some energy. My co-worker was driving and all of sudden had to swerve to miss a chain fence. It only had one chain on it and neither of us saw it till we were almost on top of it. So I knew he had to swerve I just wasn’t holding on!!

And NO, believe it or not I did not break any bones! I did get an abrasion on my left shoulder and a huge bruise on my left hip. So I am guessing that I hit that, do you think so? I am healing but the shoulder is not liking being covered up, so I think it took a bit longer to heal with putting bandages on it and then taking them off..OUCH! That hurts when the skin in full of little cuts.

BUT I am so very grateful that I didn’t get hurt worse. And I am also grateful for pain medicine when you need it! Sorry, no pictures..although I did see a college student “mouth” Did you see that? Almost like it must have looked really funny! It didn’t feel funny but I suppose it could have looked funny to him.

My flowers are really starting to ‘Pop” with color. As you can observe in this planter. After the freeze in January I am so glad to see them doing so well and brightening the campus.


I have also been helping with cutting back the bushes where the freeze damaged  them too. So every bush and tree needs more attention that usual this spring.

On Valentines Day my husband surprised me with some roses.


I haven’t gotten flowers for a long time. I loved fact they must have realized how special they were…as they never dropped petals…but actually dried on the stems. They still look great.  I love it! Thanks Kent!

Here is a picture that our son-in-law took two years ago. I thought you’d enjoy it.


I pray that you are doing well and enjoying God’s goodness in your life.

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Merry Christmas 2012

December 17, 2012

Kent and I want to take this Christmas to wish you all a very special Christmas and New Year’s. We are so grateful for the blessings we have.  Here are some of our blessings.

A wonderful family with a special 7 year old grandson. We are so grteful for the way God continues to use and teach our children in thier adult lives. We are grateful for every opportunity to see them. We thank God for every minute of conversation and for every text, card, letter and call.

We are especially grateful this year as we have a free flight to go and see Josh, Teresa and Silas.


We are so grateful that both Josh and Teresa graduated this past year. Josh with honors in his Bachelors’ degree. And Teresa with her Masters in Nurse Practioner. And Teresa recently started working at a new job with a dermotologist. Josh is searching for a new job as well.

Even though we won’t get to see Kara and Nick as they will be with Nick’s family this Christmas,  we are very proud and grateful for them as well. Nick got a new job this past year and is doing very well. Kara has taken some time off of teaching to discern where God want her next. She also graduated with her Master’s degree this May. Kent and I went to Denver in Septmeber to help with a major kitchen remodel at their condo. It was fun to help them.

Kara and Nick 135

Because I have lost a lot of my family in the past 15 months. My mom, my nephew, my next older brother and a sister-in-law.And with the recent ttragic school massacre , it has made me want to make sure all things are right with me and others. So this Christmas I have written to old friends…and some that were estranged. I am forgiving others that wrongs that have been done to me, and I pray that God shows me if I have wronged others.  I am praying that God will use my frail words to encourage all those that hear them. I so want God to be honored in my words and actions. In this way, I can do my part to bring “peace to the earth!”

I pray that you also can be a peacemaker. Have a very Blessed Christmas…and hug all of your loved ones!

Love Jan and Kent

for the Roaming Reimers

Remembering a dear friend

November 21, 2012

Last Thursday as we were about to board our plane from Houston back to Phoenix, I got a text from my niece, Jana. Her mother, my sister-in-law for 28 years and my friend had just passed into eternity. Even as I type that I find it hard to believe. The family buried her on Sunday and I wasn’t able to get there for it nor even to say a final goodbye. I last saw Sis in March when I was in Pennsylvania for my brother Merle’s funeral. Not the brother she was married to.

Some of my memories are:

Sis was a nickname for Carolyn. She was the oldest daughter of a neighboring family to my family growing up. So when my oldest brother and she got married it seemed natural to all of us. Sis and Rueben lived in rooms in our house that were made into an apartment for them. I was glad to have Sis nearby and especially so once her children came. I was only 10 years old when Jana was born and then I think about 2 years later Brian. Jenny came several years later. But I babysat for the kids a lot.

I remember going to her apartment when there was a thunderstorm with linghtning especially. Sis told me about getting hit by lightning once. No wonder she was a bit of afraid of it.  I have respected lightning ever since.  Sis was sort of a second older sister to me.

I remember one time during a summer that Sis and Rueben lived in the apartment. We kids were home form school. My brothers didn’t want to do the dishes and I was tired of always doing them for them.  So I refused and one of my brothers shoved me to try to force me to do it, well I hit a wooden piece on the couch and cut my forehead.It  bled a lot…and Sis heard the screams and came running to see what was wrong…when she saw the blood she said “You killed her!” There was a lot of blood but thankfully I wasn’t dead. She then took me and cleaned up the wound.  I think she looked out for me a lot.

As an adult after I got married  we had another fun memory. We were packing our things to take to Brazil as missionaries. We had to name and give the value for each item that we took and we had to have an itemized list to take with us.  It seemed like a job that I never could get done..but when Sis heard about it. She offered to help with typing the list. That was such a big help.  That was when I found out that she liked Country music.  We all listened to it while we worked.

In these last years since my brother and Sis divorced,  with the help of Jana I was able to maintain a relationship with Sis. Jana kept in touch with us and when we came to town we all got together.  I am so glad for that.  I considered Sis still a part of my family and my friend.

One of the last times I saw her.  Sis, me and Jana

Thanks Sis for being my friend and for all the memories. I miss you already!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers