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A trip to Yakima and Leavenworth

September 22, 2017

Our friends Lynn and Bill Cox that we stayed with last summer live in Yakima, WA. It is a fruit growing valley, so I contacted Lynn to see if there was still some good peaches for canning. She said YES! So Kent and I asked if we could come and get some…and stay with her and Bill. She said yes,  but that Bill was going to be gone! But Lynn said come and stay with me while Bill was gone.. so we did. Once there I also picked apples and pears for canning too. There was a YouPick place just down the road from their house..

We also went to church with Lynn and had such a nice greeting from everyone. Kent even got to share for a bit at a meeting after church.. so that was good. Kent got to visit his two cousins there and some others as it was a busy but profitable weekend.

On our way back we ran into some of the fire that was burning in Cle Elum and then it cleared up again, thankfully!



After that we stopped for lunch in Leavenworth, which is known for German food. So we had brats. They were delicious and had all kinds of toppings.



We had another stop along the way. We saw a walk along a path to a river and forested area… so we did that too.


Then we headed backwards to our RV house! It was a great fun weekend!

check this video for the picture of our adventures:

Love, jan for the Roaming Reimer’s


Traveling this spring

June 5, 2017

We continued our travels on to Washington. We drove through Nevada, a little bit of California and a lot of Oregon and finally arriving in Pacific area of Washington state. We loved traveling along and watching the changing scenery as Kent drove.

I, at times would rest in our bunk behind Kent so I could take our days which were shorter but seemed long to me.

We arrived in Western Washington and had several days of rain before the sun came out but we were sooooooooo glad to see green again that the rain didn’t bother us.

I hope you enjoy our trip to the NW. You can see the changing landscape as we traveled. We were so glad to see green nd then trees and then finally tall trees of the Pacific Northwest. One picture shows a little bit of the bug population that we encountered as well as we found farmland along the way. Even the first day of traveling in the rain did not dampen our spirits as we were grateful to be in the Northwest again! We found the spring flowering trees and even a rainbow on a walk in Portland.

Please check out this video for more pictures.

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Praise God with us for our Good news!

May 4, 2017

May 2nd Kent and I went back to my oncologist. We were thrilled to hear that the second opinion on the pelvic wash that one pathologist thought was cancer….well the second pathologist said it was inflammatory cells. Yea!! This was very much what we and many others have prayed for! We are so grateful for all those that have prayed for us and this answer!

Sooo because of this good news we felt free to leave HOT Phoenix and we left the next day! We stopped today in Las Vegas to see Kent’s dear uncle and wife. Uncle Mel was pretty sick last week with a infection but was doing pretty good today! He and I both wore out early and we went a bit further for a stop overnight.

Praise God with us as we are so encouraged by this news! By the way, most women have no more problems with this cancer coming back since the entire organs are gone especially when it is not in the lymph nodes etc.  I will have to have check ups every three months which I am grateful for.  My doctor has a friend another oncologist in the Northwest which I can go to for my in between checks. Yeah! Another God thing!


Again, thanks you all that prayed! We also have a place to stay for the summer! Our new friends Bruce and Melody have a beautiful home and some acreage and have invited us to come and park there! We are so excited to do this! Another answered prayer!

May God give you a blessing today too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers


More travels and battery fixes

November 23, 2016

So after we left the retreat we drove a few hundred miles to Santa Clarita and were kindly allowed to park in the back parking lot of a Baptist church. This was taken in their parking lot. We went to church there and enjoyed this stay very much!

Then we drove to Palm Springs, no, not for the reason you might think…we were having some battery issues and so we had an appointment at the factory that made them. We have the Lithium Ion batteries and the computer control that makes them work.

The owner Bill and his wife Andi and staff all welcomed us. We even gave any that wanted a tour of our RV Home. It was a a bit smaller building than I’d expected but everyone was so helpful that I was very grateful for them all. We were given a tour of the business and found Bill to be very varied in the types of things he does. And quite brilliant to understand all of the different things that the company was doing. Wow, I was blown away.

We had to take a bunch of stuff out of the basement to get to the batteries. So Kent did that and showed Bill what was going on. He assured Kent it could be fixed in a short order. So they got busy on it, when it was a few hours and it wasn’t fixed and things put back for us to get out of their back parking lot…well it was a bit more complex than Bill thought. They did think they had it fixed but then it was about 7 pm and too late for us to move. So they gave us permission to stay the night. I ran to our truck and pulled out some freshly made applesauce and shared with Bill and Andi. Overnight things seemed good but something did happen and again we had th same problem. Back to the drawing board so to speak…and after testing and talking and looking at things, Bill and Kent figured out the problem. We had to wait until a new battery monitor control computer was made. So once that was in and more testing was done..Kent put things back together and then I could help put our stuff back in and get ready to go down the road a bit.

Some pictures:

We were so grateful for these guys and their help. We would be very glad to buy batteries from them again and would recommend their batteries to anyone. Please check them out if you are interested in this type of batteries or anything that they might be able to help you with.

We only went about an hour that day just to get out of the city and to a safe place to stay the night. Then the next day we drove on to Yuma, AZ. We were pretty tired by the time we got here and so kind of crashed. I took a long nap in the afternoon. We were parking on our friends lot and they were coming a few days later.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers


My Birthday

October 31, 2016

It was that time of year again! I believe that you should celebrate, because that God has given you another year of life and influence! I always hear from our grown children usually just after my husband has wished me the first Happy Birthday of the day. This year our son got to me first thing and our daughter sent a video hello and good birthday wishes with her almost two year old son!

Well, the first thing after that we did, was go to Denny’s restaurant for my free birthday grand slam, which is two eggs, four pieces of meat and two pancakes. Well I didn’t want that much starch so opted for an English muffin instead and shared some of themeat with Kent..that was good. We then got some computer work done there. Then we stopped by Firehouse Subs and got a free sub for my birthday. I was glad to split that with Kent!

We then went back to our RV house and our friends Debbie and Dwain were there a few minutes later! They have a lot in Yuma, AZ and had invited us to come and see them there! We have been friends for about 7 years now and haven’t seen each other for about a year! They also have a big truck and big RV home and had been traveling back east this summer. So it was very good to see them and spend about 10 days together starting with my Birthday. We went out to Longhorn Steakhouse for a steak dinner dinner and it was delicious and I got to ride on a saddle while the waiters sang me a happy birthday song. We also went to Cold Stone Creamery for a free ice cream as well. Debbie and Dwain made it special by being with us today!


Thanks for all the wishes and I am so glad for another year of life and ministry!

love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers



October 31, 2016

Yes, we are back on the road. We have been traveling through fall weather in Oregon and even got caught in the tail end of that storm of the century which didn’t turn out so bad after all. Thankfully! BUT we did pack up load our car in the pouring rain one day! We really don’t like to do that, as when you hurry to get done, you can make a mistake! We went out in the rain again and re-checked things, just in case! And no we didn’t catch a cold because of the rain!

So we were driving through western Oregon but not the coast. Although we love the coast and do hope to go there next fall! We got to see our dear friend Phil who helped Kent to do the truck modifications to carry our Smart Car in spring 2015. Phil’s wife Jeannie was away with family in a quilting retreat! That sounded like fun too!But we did miss seeing her too!

We were in a bit of a hurry as we had to be in Southern California for a retreat with co- workers. We had a wonderful time connecting with these other mission workers and times of prayer and reflection which really helped me.  It was a bit of a hairy drive to this retreat center but once there is was great! It was in a more remote area and the wild turkeys and Mule deer were abundant and not at all afraid of us! There were lots of trees and beautiful scenery which added to my healing calmness.

Some  pictures…

More pictures of the SILVER Spur Retreat Center

It was a great retreat and then we continued down the road.

love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Travel and good vists

October 17, 2016

We have been “on the road again” as the song that is sung by Willie Nelson. We do enjoy our freedom to go down the road. And the beautiful scenery and great friends that we get to visit along the way.

We were a part of a missions conference in Seattle and had a wonderful time there. Some of our WorldVenture colleagues helped us and it was great to get to know them a bit better too. We also saw missionary friends of many years, here she and I are standing at her booth. These weekend conferences are pretty busy so it was a fun time to have lunch with Cindy and her husband.

We have seen some new friends recently that live at the base of Mt Rainer. It was such a lovely spot to stop for a few days of rest with Bruce and Melody. God gave us three beautiful days to enjoy that lovely scenery. Here is a picture of their house with Mt Rainier in he background. The fall is a very hard time to get this view so we were so very grateful! These friends have a place that they are fixing up as a guesthouse to give pastors and missionaries a retreat. They want it to be a ministry for them at this point in their lives. Stay tuned for more information once they are ready for guests in that place.

We also got to see my niece Jana again as she is living now in Washington. It was so nice to see her again.

Pictures of friends and my niece too and some scenery we have seen along the way!

We are currently in Oregon and are a part of a huge storm that has hit the North west this fall. Thankfully where we are has not had the high winds that were predicted for here! And after three days of hard rain, today we even saw the sun some! Yeah! But another night of torrential rain and some wind and we were ready to leave the Northwest!

We are looking for some sunshine today and warmer climates too!

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Ending our time in the SW and going to the NW

April 23, 2016

Yes, I can not believe how quickly these past few months have gone. We have been in Mesa, a suburb of Phoenix for 6 months. Now it is time to go to the Northwest again. Some of this winter went very slow and some fast as these last few weeks have been.

Kent and I have been attending First Baptist church of Tempe and last week we joined it. We have been quite involved here this winter and hope it will increase in the fall when we return.

I met a young Brazilian lady  named Nayara at the ladies Bible Study. I was too excited as I went to her and attempted to use my Portuguese. She was very gracious. We did meet her husband and another couple as well. We all went to dinner together and I got to hear Felipe’s testimony of coming to Christ just recently. I was very encouraged that he shared it in Portuguese and I understood all of it. Yeah! We hope to see them more when we return as one of the couples is interested in serving the Lord.


We are now “on the road” and headed to Yakima, Washington for the summer. Yakima is in the south central part of Washington. They have tons of vineyards, orchards and other farming in the area. We look forward to getting to know some fellow believers and working with several churches there that are interested in having Kent come and help them. I am praying about how I can be of help too.

On our way we did stop to see Kent’s older uncle who has Parkinson’s and recently went into the Veterans’ home to be better cared of. It was great to see Uncle Mel and all the family that are in the area.This picture of Uncle Mel, wife Chris and Kent and I was taken in October when we visited them.


Jan for the Roaming Reimers





A day that will not be forgotten soon!

September 7, 2015

We set out last Monday morning on a short trip of a little over 200 miles. As we pulled out I prayed for safety on the roads. I knew it was a possibility of rain so then I, as the passenger texted our kids to pray as we traveled down the road.  Traffic was about normal but there are several stretches of the highway that is narrower-er and so the traffic seems worse. It was before there is some construction so not in that area.  We were planning on stopping at the rest stop in about 10 miles from where we did stop.

BUT about an hour north we were driving along with lots of traffic. The speed limit had been reduced and so we were going only less than 50mph. We saw some people on the right side of the road…and so we moved into the passing lane because of that and all of a sudden the SUV in front of us slammed on their brakes even though there was no one in front of their vehicle..Kent hit our brakes, the trailer brakes and blew the horn in hopes that the vehicle would keep moving… BUT in seconds we had an accident. Glass flew all over our windshield as the back windshield of the other vehicle broke apart. Both vehicles were still moving when we impacted.  When the SUV and we stopped, we were still in the left lane and in possible danger.  So when we saw the SUV moving to the right side of the road, we followed as we realized it could move and we could too. WOW!

We both jumped out and went to see if the driver was ok. She was moving, talking to us, not bleeding outwardly, making calls. I stopped and prayed with her after she agreed that would be ok if I did. She said her foot hurt. She said she’d called her husband. And that she needed to talk to her work and so I left her to do that. A police officer came, he had been a part of the other accident that had taken place and he called for an ambulance for the lady.  I was glad that she knew her name and could call her husband, work etc. Looking at the back of her vehicle it wasn’t that badly damaged. So I was praying that she wasn’t hurt too badly either.  The ambulance was there quickly and carefully loaded her onto a stretcher and took her to the hospital. I was so grateful the lady seemed to be doing pretty well considering an accident. I knew she would be shook up and definitely hurting but it could have been much worse and that was what I was grateful for.

Then we finally had time to assess the damage to our vehicles. Kent was on the phone with our insurance company trying to arrange tow trucks for us. Our truck had the radiator punctured on impact so you could see the radiator fluid had leaked out on the road and across as we drove to the side.  There was damage to the trucks right fender, bumper and hood,. When we walked back to the Rv and looked at it. It seemed to be ok and looking at our car on the was ok! BUT our fifth wheel hitch(which is what actually pulls our RV) was totally broken and sticking up at an very odd angle. So Kent knew we would need two tow trucks.

Kent and the insurance guy were talking and phoning back and forth several times. I must say I was so impressed with Nationwide Insurance and very glad they were our coverage at this point. A guy named Lenny was so helpful and even kind to us.

The state troopers were at the spot right away, as they had pulled someone over for speeding..and there had been another accident, a minor one. No one appeared hurt in that one.

The police actually took the information from all of us and made us copies of the exchange of information which had all the pertinent info etc. In less than 30 minutes, they were trying to get the vehicles off the side of the road so that traffic wouldn’t be impeded. So all the other vehicles that had been behind us..two trooper vehicles. a semi, four cars all left and we were waiting for tow trucks.

When they all left we thought that the tow trucks would be there soon….That wasn’t to be. We ended up waiting until 4 pm for two tow trucks to come and help us off the side of the road. The accident took place right before noon. That was 4 hours later. Now as we waited along the side of the road, the traffic had no idea that we had been in an accident as there was a slight curve in the road and they all were driving fast along there. After two hours Kent called the insurance company again and asked about the tow trucks. They actually called another company since the one they had asked to come was still not able to come for several hours. So they called a company that was further away and so had an hour’s drive…so that they also could not get there too quickly. But I was grateful that the insurance company seemed to understand our plight.

I must say that those 3 1/2 hours sitting in our truck just waiting for the tow trucks was more harrowing than the accident itself. Sitting on the side of the road, sticking out somewhat as we could not move once we got there right after the accident because the radiator was punctured. We stayed in our truck, which felt the safest option. We were texting with our family and friends and everyone was praying for us. So…when the tow trucks finally got there we were very relieved!!!

There were two tow trucks and two drivers.. One nice one named P.. and one not so nice named  R… R was in charge and started shouting at P to do this and that. Of course they were a bit stressed too seeing that we were so close to the highway. But R was swearing and carrying on..and Kent was at that moment talking to our insurance company.  Kent told the guy at the insurance company…So the insurance company guy asked to talk to R. After the insurance guy talked to R, he settled down. I was grateful, as we were already a little un-nerved from the accident , waiting for 3 1/2 hours and then that our house would have to be towed etc. After that talk things seemed much better.

The second driver hooked up to our RV house and then we all stopped at Walmart to take our car off the truck as we would be needing that. that took about 10 minutes and then we were towed to the RV park about 4 miles down the road. The truck had a further ride to a place to get it fixed.

BUT at the end of the day, in looking back we had many things to be grateful for!!! The Woman we hit wasn’t in serious condition such as fighting for her life. I am sure she was hurting but not as seriously as it could have been. BIG PRAISE! We both were ok too! Then we had our RV house to stay in and even our car.  All Big blessings. God was good to us in all of this!!

I will say that we also realized that God must have a reason for us to be in this town…so we are looking for that opportunity that He had placed us where we are for now. Please pray with us for S.. the lady we hit. Please pray that we do what God’s wants for us while we are here.

We have to wait until our truck is fixed but we are “at home” and Kent is still working while we wait here. One of our dear friends and colleagues came and had lunch with us to make sure we were ok and to pray with us. Also Kent’s oldest brother who was with Kent’s parents helping them , he drove to see us last night before flying back to his home and family. We are blessed even in these visits.

Our Rving lifestyle has advantages and having our RV with us is a big blessing in this incident. Again Praising GOD!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Easter with Family, a conference and travel

April 24, 2015

I love Easter. It reminds me of our Lord and all He did for us..and then the resurrection day to celebrate the victory over death and SIN. It reminds me that Christ gives us victory. I love the spring flowers and all the spring colors. Also I love the newness of starting over…because nature has started to bloom again. I loved seeing these Iris in bloom too.


We are so grateful that this year again we could be with some of Kent’s family for Easter. His Uncle Mel and wife Chris live in Las Vegas as well as a first cousin and her family. They had also invited Chris’ son’s family. We all have been together before and it was so nice. Again this Easter we had a grand time. Chris’ granddaughters were such fun to be with.


Uncle Mel had taken a fall the week before but was in rare form despite his Parkinson’s. He almost runs with his walker though and it made me just a bit nervous. But I did get them to stay put long enough to get a picture.


We had several times that we go to see them including Easter Service at their church where a clear presentation of the gospel was given. So great to hear that and on the day that every Christian should proclaim that message.

Easter dinner was at first cousin Karen and Tim Dolan’s house. It was a delicious Ham dinner. We all brought something to help but Karen did most of the heavy cooking. Thanks Karen and Tim too.


After Easter weekend we had a conference. It was with other owners of the samp type of Rv that we have. These are to get together and learn things from each other and also from speakers about various things about living or maintaining our RVs. Kent did a seminar on solar for RVs and also on full time living. We had many opportunities to speak of God’s love as well. It was a fun and busy week.See all the rigs parked near each other to visit better.


We did make some new friends too, but didn’t get pictures of them. Opps!


Then we headed on down the road…we went about 200 miles a day. First night was at a very peaceful roadside pull off. WE had three other Rvs with us that night but it was sure peaceful.

IMG_2256 (1)

It took us 4 days to reach our next destination which is where we are currently parked near Roseburg, Oregon. That is southern Oregon but along the 1-5 corridor.

We are here for about two months. Kent has already been able to meet with several people including the pastor of a local church. They were encouraged to hear how they might be more involved in Missions opportunities.

We are also here visiting our good friends Phil and Jeannie Teel. We met in Juneau, Alaska in 1980 and have kept in contact. Phil is a welder, now retired, but keeps an active shop to do things in. So Kent had a big project and they are both tackling it.

The project it to take the back of our truck and re-configure it to accommodate our new car.. It is a Smart Car and only 8 foot 4″ long. So it can work it out. So this is a BIG project. More about that next blog as it is still in the works. Come back to see it. OK?

Here is our BIG TRUCK and little car.


That is about all we have been doing these past several weeks. I (Jan) also got 2 boils on her ear canal and so that is why this blog is so late…I am starting to feel better finally. Yeah! I can hear again!!!!

Love, Jan for the Roaming Reimers