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A wonderful summer

September 16, 2017

We have moved on and saying goodbye is part of that…but goodbyes are not easy! We usually make friends quickly and this summer we have really deepened our friendship with Bruce and Melody, our hosts. We have been living on their property about 4 1/2 months. It has been a busy time and yet fun filled.

We have done some gardening with and for them…Kent and Bruce have done several projects to help, around their house or guesthouse. We have had meals together and visited and Melody and I have had times of shopping, getting our nails done, having lunch together and going to the beach and a garden show together. Lots of visits and delicious meals  also:  with their neighbors, a July 4th party, with Melody’s friends Bobbie and husband Ross, local pastors, also another couple of friends of theirs the Van Eatons. We also hosted our family, Kent’s cousins, and my niece Jana several times at their guest house! And the final fun thing together, was where we went to see an air museum and watched these old World War II planes fly in front of us!

Wow! No wonder we are a bit tired as we did a lot!  It has been a wonderful and refreshing time in the forest and seeing Mt Rainier almost all summer. I did take pictures of it to show it’s different settings. It has been a time of quietness and friendship. We will miss just stopping by for a visit and a chat and drink..we do appreciate all that Bruce and Melody have done for us and pray that we’ve been a blessing to them as well!

Goodbye is not forever as we got to see them again!… They came to visit us this week and to meet Kent’s parent’s where we are currently parked.  Yeah!!! It was so fun seeing Bruce and Melody again..we look forward to the next visit… and who knows where that will be!

Link for some pictures of our fun times:https//

Pictures of our fun time at the air museum: https//


jan for the Roaming Reimers


Our niece’s wedding and family times

August 11, 2017






Kent’s neice Amanda got married and that was the reason we all got together in Washington. The outdoor wedding was on Saturday afternoon at a park. They had their two greyhound dogs and two cats as their attendants and had friends be their people handlers. Amanda even walked down the aisle with her dog. I think there was a rabbit there too but I didn’t get to see him.

Amanda and Reggie got married and afterwards we sat around visiting family and some of her friends. Amanda was 15 when aggressive bone cancer was found in her. She had to have a strong protocol and was able to not only survive but here a little more than ten years later she is getting married. It was a special day in many ways.

Kent’s family did have a bunch of get togethers. His brother Glen’s family hosted two family times at their rented house. Kent’s sister hosted two gatherings a their condo’s  community room. And we also got to stop by Kent’s parents place for a visit and a look at the gardens.  Glen’s family and Ron and Jan, Kent’s oldest brother and wife  had done a bunch of weeding in the garden and around the house. I was grateful for that as it is something I have done for them for years but this year I can not.

It was a special time to be with Amanda and Reggie and to see the a lot of the rest of the family too!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Enjoy this video with lots more pictures and some videos:

Saying goodbye and first day traveling…and Yikes

April 3, 2015

Saying goodbye to all of our friends and neighbors where we have parked for the last 5 winters was more emotional this year. We have become even closer to a neighbor who lost her husband to cancer about 6 weeks ago. That was hard to say goodbye. But we pray that God will help her bring some new friends into her life too.


We had planned to only go about 80 miles the first day,  before moving on down the road. I am sooo very thankful for that plan. We got into some construction and had to stop for awhile.  About 10 miles from the construction zone, Kent heard the tire monitors going off and realized he had to stop. Off the road and I pulled in beside him in the car…it was obvious at once that we had a problem. We had a flat tire on the RV.


I am soo glad that we had those tire monitors. So we were safely off the road and Kent called roadside service. Here is what had happened to the tire…That dark line is about a 6-8 inch cut in the tire. Yikes!


They put on the spare but we realized that is not a very good tire.


So we went into the nearest town and found a Big O tire dealer. We bought a replacement.


So three hours after stopping we finally got to our RV park exhausted but grateful for God’s protection again!!!

We had a day and half at this RV park and left early to get to a service repair place in Las Vegas to fix the truck’s air conditioner that also wasn’t working.

Life “on the road” does have it troubles, but I am so grateful for a handy, mechanical husband and one who buys tire monitors! It probably saved our RV HOUSE from damage. Yeah!

Grateful to God and Kent!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers