Traveling east and finding fun places to stay

June 10, 2018

We have been traveling along many red or country roads for the last few weeks. Kent and I really enjoy that. We both were raised on farms and so really enjoy these drives.

We are always on the look out for low overpasses and small bridges and places to pull off the road safely due to the weight of our RV house and the big truck so we can enjoy all these places. Just the same we do find all kinds of fun places to stay.

Kent has an app for his mobile devices that helps us find some of these places to park overnight for free. Yes, that is right for FREE! Now some of you know that Walmart’s often allow an RV to park overnight in their parking lots. I am sure some of you have seen RVs parking at some Walmarts near you. And we do park at some Walmarts. But there are lots of other places to park for free.

Of course, having friends or family with big enough property for us to park on has been one of the biggest blessings on this trip. And when needed they gave us electric…so we can use either heater(when it is cold) or air conditioning when it is hot or humid! We also got some fresh water from some hosts and several have allowed us to wash our clothes too.

Some of you are wondering what do you do about dumping our tanks? Well, we look for places like campgrounds, fairgrounds and other places that will allow us to dump either for free or a few dollars. Now we are not unwilling to park in a RV campground or other places where we have full hookup BUT we feel like it is like a treasure hunt to find places where we don’t have to pay…to stay.

So here is a collage of some of the places including friend’s houses where we have parked for free… you can see some of them were in the country and some more in the city but all interesting and fun!

We have now traveled through the following states…leaving Arizona, traveling through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and finally Pennsylvania.

We have driven on a few major highways but many more smaller red or side roads..we try to avoid dirt roads as the stones might damage our RV and truck😒! We love driving through the small towns… some have been as small as less than 100 and of course some large cities as well.

We have met many wonderful people on our way. We have been in churches and even a Cowboy Church in Colorado. We have met people in parks, in parking lots, some stores, in a few restaurants.

And we have seen lots of scenery along the way. From the red rocks of Utah to the rolling hills of Iowa and Nebraska to the flatter farmland of Illinois and Indiana to the beautiful scenery in Michigan and finally the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. We have seen all kinds of crops being raised…corn, soybeans, northern beans, wheat, and alfalfa…this only what we could see from the roads. We heard about hydroponic tomatoes being raised in a huge greenhouse in Nebraska.

We have seen all kinds of herds of cattle, goats, alpacas and a HUGE sheep herd that we had to slowly drive along with them as they were being herded by horse and sheep dog around us and other motorists in Colorado. And in Pennsylvania have seen the many herds of dairy cows.

We have had a lot for fun, finding places for lunch along the way…we try to find a place to stop and have lunch in our RV but often meet some locals in the process. One day in Nebraska a local came to see if we had broken down or needed any help? Kent chatted with him and got to know a lot about the little town we had stopped in! We really enjoy the small towns and don’t mind slowing down to enjoy them.

We also have had tons of people slow down their vehicles as they drive past us. So they can take a picture or video of us and our unusual rig carrying our little smart car…

We find the people of America to be so friendly and helpful! And we love traveling through it to find those people. We feel so fortunate to be a citizen of this great country and able to travel from state to state and meeting all these wonderful people and many of them are our dear friends who have supported us through these 40 years of ministry!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our final day driving for some time

June 7, 2018

We drove our last day in our RV house for some months. We drove into Pennsylvania and overnighted at a Walmart parking lot for our last night on the road. Then we did some office work in the morning and took our time driving to our destination.

We so enjoyed our drive through the rolling green hills and valleys of north western and central PA. It is beautiful as they have had lots of rain and everything is very green!

We were wondering if we would have to drive in a rainstorm, but were very grateful to get to Lancaster and get parked and even electricity for our rig before a summer down pour pelted us! We were so glad to be off the road and parked before that. It rained hard for several minutes but continued to rain for several hours.

It was so good to get off the road and get settled. We are parked on some new friend’s property. We met Lee and Pam in Arizona this winter and when we told them our dilemma to find a place to park our rig for the summer… they offered to host us! How very nice! We all went to church together and then to lunch and met some of their friends. It was so nice and a warm Pennsylvania welcome!

Last night we went to see our dear friend’s Jack and Jean and also Joyce another dear friend came. We all had a wonderful first visit! We are now planning many other visits. Many friends to visit and so we will be here for several months. So thanks for those who have prayed for us along the way!

And for those concerned about our truck… I am writing this blog from a truck repair place today…so soon our truck will be even better!

We are praising God for His protection on the road and provision of a place to park.

Looking forward to seeing many more friends in the next weeks and months!

May God Bless you this summer too!


For the Roaming Reimers

Some more ways God is caring for us

June 5, 2018

When we left hot and humid Michigan and drove to Ohio to see friends.. we realized that the truck’s air conditioning had stopped working! Well, we both looked at each other and said “it was hotter in Brazil” and opened our windows and kept driving.

When we stopped for lunch Kent was able to locate a dealership and they would look at the truck the next morning so once we were parked. We visited Doug and Jo and told them… they prayed and God answered all of our prayers!

The truck repair place said IF it would be less than 4 hours, they could fix it. And they were able to!

Yeah! The last few days in the summer heat and humidity was much more comfortable! Thanks for praying and thank you God!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

A mini brothers’ reunion

June 4, 2018

We are traveling to see family and friends and supporters… well some people are both. Kent’s two brothers and wives have supported us in many ways over these 40 years and they have even supported us financially too! It is always a pleasure to see his older brother Ron and his younger brother Glen and their wives and families.

We three couples talked, laughed and reminisced and ate. Glen and Jamie hosted us, although Kent and I stayed in our RV house. Jamie had meals planned and treated us so well.

Kent’s sister joined us by phone for a bit too! Also Glen contacted a childhood friend of the brothers and he even came over for several hours visit.

This time it was mostly the couples visiting although Glen’s two adult children joined us for a day and brought delicious food with them. Our neice, Glen’s daughter Dee loves to cook..really is a Gourmet cook. She brought some very English tea food in honor of the Prince’s wedding. We did of course, also have some tea to go with this delicious food!

We went to Glen & Jamie’s new church and enjoyed that so much and then out for a Chinese restaurant that had a buffet. We sat, ate and talked for several hours. It was so fun to visit and no one had to worry about the food. So that gave our hosts a little break too.

It was a fun time and I suggested we do it again in a few years. Thanks Glen and Jamie for hosting us this time!

The three brothers

The three wives


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Visiting long time friends and supporters

June 4, 2018

Our next stop was in Ohio. We have had some friends and supporters from this area since 1984. A church here supported us and through the church we had some individuals who also supported us. One of the couples Doug and Jo had a dinner for several of our friends in the area. They also hosted us for a dinner the first day we arrived as well! Thanks Jo for all the meals!

Doug had arranged for us to park on the church’s parking lot and that was a bit help too! Thanks to all of you for your kindness and support over these many years!

One evening we saw this beautiful view…

We also had some other long time friends in he area but they didn’t know these others. Cindy and John came as newlyweds to help us in Alaska in the early 80’s. They were a group of 4 young people helping with VBS in our church and other projects that we needed doing. Since then they have 4 children all grown up now and two married that will soon have their first grandchildren.

We have tried to maintain contact over the years but haven’t seen the. For 9 years so it wa a treat to be able to see them again too! We needed much more time then the short almost w hours that we had…John is a teacher and had to get to work.. They found this quaint restaurant and we all had breakfast together.

As I said, we needed much more time to chat and catch up..but perhaps that will have to wait for heaven! It was great to see them and see how they are doing and hear a bit about their wonderful family! May God continue to bless you and your family, John and Cindy!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Visiting our son and family

June 2, 2018

We were so excited to visit our son Josh, Teresa and 12 year old Silas again! We always look forward to seeing them and they always welcome us! This time it was a bit more tricky with wanting to park our large RV house and truck near to their house so we could see them more.

Also for the last few years they have lived in the same house with Teresa’s sister Jenny and Johnny, her husband. They have 6 children so it is a busy and lively household! Jenny and Johnny have one biological child. They fostered then adopted 5 more children out of the foster care system.. I usually say they rescued these kids for that is what I believe. On the day of our arrival the two youngest kids 9 and 6, a sister and brother biologically had just gotten final approval for their adoption! So we all walked to a local ice cream shop to celebrate!

Johnny and Jenny bought an older house that needed lots of work . Josh, Teresa and Silas have been living near them in apartments side by side or nearly their whole marriage. So the cousins have grown up more like siblings than cousins.. they have been living together for several years now and our son and family have been a help in getting the old house fixed up.

So we knew that we’d be interacting with all of them and looked forward to that as we have over the years been known to their kids to as another set of grandparents. Also Josh and Johnny had a project they we’re hoping for Kent’s help on. And I saw that their raised garden could be planted…so we each had some projects to work on. We did have some hot and very humid days.. and in fact Teresa and one of Jenny’s daughters Ella and I all got completely drenched in a rain shower trying to finish planting the garden.. we had to wait until another day! But we did get it done.

The men were bolstering a shed and adding some covered outside storage area to it. They also got their job done. Teresa and Jenny’s dad dropped by and helped too.

So it was a great visit and we accomplished something to help this growing family! We did get to do a hike with Josh, Teresa and Silas for Josh’s upcoming birthday!

A few pictures: remember to check out the picture of kids on my sofa…and Silas was still at school then!

What a great time and fun interacting with all of these kids and adults! Thanks everyone for your hospitality once again!


Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Staying with a friend from my childhood

May 31, 2018

Marty has been a friend since before I went to school. She and her family were neighbors of my family. She and I went to school from grade 1-12th together. The first 8 years we were neighbors, where our small farms land touched in the back part of our farms.

Growing up where you knew each family that the school bus stopped to pick up was quite a different world from a lot of people today! It was a bit of a “Mayberry” moment in time. Our milk man was also a neighbor and knew that my mom often forgot to bring in the milk that he put in the milk box outside our house, so he offered to bring the milk into our house and place it in the refrigerator. My mom was elated with that. People trusted people and we didn’t lock our houses.. this was the world that Marty and I grew up in together.

When visiting her recently, she remarked that I knew the neighbors she knew that we grew up with.. and that was right.  So it was a treat to be invited to park our RV house on their property for about a week recently.

She and Dennis, her husband are such gracious hosts. They both lost their first spouses and met in a grief support group. They married and between them have 6 children, and now 14 grandchildren. We were privileged to meet most of their children over the years but in this visit only a few could come for dinner one night. But the 6 grandchildren we met and the 3 adults were wonderful! They were so polite and graciously attentive when Kent shared of God’s ministry through us over the last 40 years. We were so impressed by these young adults and their kids.

Marty & Dennis live on a small farm in a smallish town. It is a beautiful farm. They keep it so neat and clean! They do have some beef they are raising and even a little calf that was a few weeks old.  They have had other animals in the past. Marty had a beautiful herb flower garden. It had a ton of mint growing in it and she makes the mint tea that we both had as kids. She shared some of that mint with me and I’ve been enjoying it as tea too! She also has a huge garden and she was planting it while we were there.

We were there several days that we hardly saw them when we had the time with Kent’s brothers and wives. But then we had several days when Marty and I got some good visits in too! And she had a dinner for their family for those that could come. We enjoyed it all and I felt so encouraged as we left their farm!

Thanks Marty and Dennis!


jan for the Roaming Reimers

Seeing friends who are adult children of dear friends

May 16, 2018

The next friends we visited also did support us. But our real connection is in being friends with the parents of Jena the wife and mother of his household. We were there when Jena graduated first from high school, then college and we also attended their wedding now a long time ago… We haven’t seen them in person for many years…probably since 2009. But we do keep in touch with their lives a bit through Jenas parents who we see and contact more frequently. Since we last saw them, their kids have all grown up! They are now looking into what is next! College, work etc! It seems hard to believe that they have grown up sooo fast! Jena and Scott now have 7 children from ages 17-3 years old, it is a beautiful and busy household with 4 boys and 3 girls and all those various ages to help, encourage, guide etc.

We shared some missionary stories and thanked them for their part in God’s ministry through and in us. It was so fun to see this family and to be a small part of their lives for one evening. They allowed us to park on their property and see their little farm. They also have sheep and had chickens… so it was a beautiful stop in all these ways!


As you can see from this picture above…it was hard to get all of us together for a picture… but we sure had a good time!

Having a great time, Roaming the US.

jan for the Roaming Reimers

Enjoying the beautiful countryside

May 15, 2018

Kent and I have been able to drive a lot of “red” roads recently. We do have to sure the overpasses and bridges can handle our height and a bit heavy rig and truck but we sooo enjoy the countryside.

We have been driivng through Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa recently.  It really is so encouraging to us, as we are two farmer kids, to see the fields plowed and planted with crops. We mostly have seen corn, beans, alfalfa and a little wheat and lots of grazing cattle and some sheep. The little green sprouts coming up with their bright “spring” green color are so fun to see!

We traveled to a small town in southern Iowa so also drove through lots of Iowa farming area too! The couple, Dave and Nancy that we went to see had supported us a long time ago and then had to stop because they kindly supported his sister and family in ministry. We certainly understood that and still wanted to find them and stop by to say Hi and thank them for supporting us back in the beginning of our ministry, when it particularly encouraged us to keep going. We had not seen them for about 34 years.

This is what they looked like when we last saw them…


Dave and Nancy have a small acreage in a small town. It was such a pleasure to get re-acquainted and to hear about their children and grandchildren! And their dreams for their farm. We enjoyed their chickens, and their little puppy as well as their farm. Nancy allowed us to do some laundry as well. I really appreciated that too!

Kent was able to speak in their small church even being Mothers day! It was such a treat to meet the people and to share stories of Gods using missionaries around the world. We felt the people really enjoyed them too!


Afterwards Nancy and Dave invited the pastor and his wife to have dinner with all of us. That was another blessing to get to know them a little too. We had a delicious meal prepared by Nancy, complete with a delicious Homemade Lemon Merangue Pie that we’d haven’t had for a long time.


Before long it was time to go down the road. So it was hard to say goodbye, but Nancy had a fun way, with fresh eggs from their chickens, some beautiful “Lily’s of the Valley” bouquet to perfume my RV house as well as a thank you card… I felt like I should be giving her the thank you card! They certainly sent us off with a wonderful refreshed feeling! Thanks for your gracious hospitality, Dave and Nancy!


Love and Gratitude especially to Dave and Nancy!

Jan for the Roaming Reimers

Our 43rd Wedding anniversary

May 15, 2018

Today is our 43rd Wedding Anniversary! How did that happen? All those years… somehow they just seemed to skip by sooo fast!

We are on the road this year soo it will be a bit different… actually we are looking for something fun to do… But we will see how the weather and travel schedule turns out for us.

Regardless we are still celebrating! Celebrating Gods goodness to us for all those years! For helping us to adjust to one another even these days! For helping us to keep loving each other and to even helping us to care in sickness for one another. We are still learning… and we pray that we won’t stop learning to love and treasure each other. And days like these are ones to have us reflect on God’s goodness to us in all these ways!

Celebrating Gods goodness and our love and faithfulness to each other!


Love be to you, Kent!

jan for the Roaming Reimers